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B i o g r a p h y

I graduated from the Music Conservatory in Oslo, Norway where I studied choral music and conducting with Trygve Lindeman, orchestra conducting with Øyvin Fjeldstad and composition with Finn Mortensen. I have studied wind band conducting in Holland with Henk van Lijnschooten and in Norway with Trevor Ford.

I has been composing since young age and have some works published here:

Arrangements and editions: 



I was the director for the oratorio choir "Passíukórinn a Akureyri" for 25 years, Akureyri Male Choir "Geysir" for 10 years, Akureyri Chamber Orchestra for 5 years, Akureyri Music School Windband for 25 years, Akureyri Theater Choir for 10 years. I founded the women's choir Kvennakórinn EMBLA in 2002 and have conducted them since.


I am also the owner and director of my own music school "Tónskóli Roars" since 1992.: I founded my music edition firm "KVAMusic Edition" in 1972 and it is still going strong:

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